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Amulet Green (UPE 1163)

Amulet Green (UPE 1163)


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UPE 1163 Amulet Green

A range of powder stains and oxides which can be mixed either with distilled/purified water or ground with medium for greater tonal range. All colours are intermixable. They can be applied to an opaque jewellery enamel base to produce a polychrome painting (avoid titanium based white, as this will turn red colours brown on firing). The finished painting is not acid-resistant and should, therefore, be protected by a thin layer of a low-firing flux. Underglaze painting colours can also be applied to pale transparent jewellery enamel bases to produce shading ‘in situ’ (as an alternative to blending toning shades of jewellery enamels by wet-packing/wet-laying).

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