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Diagrit Pads

Diagrit Pads



Diagrit Pads

Diagrit is a flexible, diamond impregnated mesh which is highly useful in the enamelling process. This medium Diagrit is mounted onto a dense, coral sponge with grooves for a sturdy, ergonomic grip. Diagrit can be used for removing any excess enamel on the edges of enamel pieces, and also for stoning back or grinding down fired enamelled surfaces to produce a matte finish. With the attached sponge, the pressure exerted will be more evenly distributed, resulting in a smoother enamelled piece, ideal for flat and domed surfaces. For best results, it should be used under plenty of running water.

Available in Coarse, Medium, Fine and Polishing.

The Diagrit Sponge measures approximately 90mm x 55mm in size, and 37mm in depth.

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Coarse, Medium, Medium Fine, Fine, Very Fine, Very Fine – Polishing